Obvestilko is my most advanced project so far. It is an intelligence service for students and teachers of the Celje school center. I developed it with the help of my dear friend Nik Grebovšek, whose website can be found here. He assisted me when I didn’t know how to continue and he adapted his SMS sender API to my needs, thus enabling me to develop the program as it is now. You can learn more about his API here.

Obvestilko is service with GUI built to be run on Windows operating systems using C# and .NET Framework. Communication with users takes place via text messages. The project is accessible by keyword ‘Obvestilko’ on a phone number of SMS sender API and is as of now restricted to communication with Slovenian only phone numbers.

Some of the commands followed by the keyword ‘Obvestilko’ for communicating with the service are:

– HELP, which returns all commands for public use and crappy instructions on how to properly use them.
– NADOMEŠČANJE (SUBSTITUTE), which returns all substitutes for a given class.
– MENJAVA UČILNIC (CLASSROOM REPLACEMENT), which returns all replacements of classrooms for a given class.
– URNIK (SCHOOL TIMETABLE), which returns school timetable for a given class.

By developing this program I learned a lot. Now I know better, how to find patterns and process information like the computer and thus I became better at coding algorithms for data acquisition and processing. Big thanks to Nik Grebovšek for supporting me on development.

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