File Splitter

I made a program that can split files into smaller ones, and than later on merge split files back, therefore they are converted back to their original state. This is done on a byte level, so no data is lost. I have tried it with all kinds of files, and all worked, even files like .exe and .dmg (programs ran on macOS). It can be very useful, if you are uploading or downloading large files, as in case of a failed transmission, you need to transmit again only one portion of a file rather than the whole one. And the second use case would be if you want to store large files on the filesystem, which is limited by file size as FAT32, which allows files of a maximum size 4GB. The program was made for Windows using C# and .NET Framework 4.7.2 in Visual Studio and it can split the main file into a user-defined number of files or files of user-defined size. With that, it also generates an FSNFO (File Splitter Info) file, which is then selected as a file to merge. In are saved the number of files that must be merged and file extension, so the program knows how to properly merge created files into the main one. You can download it here. The pictures below represent their simple user experience, ease of use, and output files.

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